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Create interactive multimedia e-book format layout of fixed or variable layouts, it can be published in various formats such as EPUB3, EPUB2, MOBI, etc.

Namo Author v3.6.4.0 Released

Providing a rich and useful user-friendly Widget Templates

  • Providing the New Document Layout Templates that allow content to be placed and aligned according to the nature of the document.
  • Changed the default value of an eBook in the Fixed Layout Format to Vertical Writing and 600*800px.
  • Improved to insert images, videos, audios and layers through [Widget Templates] panel intead of using ribbon menus.
  • Improved by adding the "Center-aligned (Horizontal, Vertical)" textbox that allows you to center content within a textbox.
  • Added "Container" Widget Templates to set layout for content and immediately reflect changes in the layout.
  • Improved to edit easily by replacing the existing Textbox Widget with Layer Lists having a control toolbar.
  • Added the new 8 types of Image Templates that consist of images, captions and descriptions, and are distinguished form the position of the description layer.
  • Added Audio Widgets that can select an audio control as a bar or button and make it a user-defined audio player through control editing.
  • Added Video Widgets that can make video gallery by configuring multiple videos and play videos by clicking the thumbnails.
  • Improved to show the video's first frame instead of the video icon when inserting in the editing window.
  • Improved to edit various options related to Quiz Questions, such as changing icons, applying sound effects in the Question Templates Settings dialog box.
  • Added Shape outsides Templates that aligns texts naturally along a shape such as a inset, a circle, an ellipse, a polygon and an image.
  • Providing the new and effective layout templates that are consistently updated online(Current version supporting elements : Multiple columns, Lists, Background images, Borderlines)
  • Added to create rounded edges while moving the edge of an object, such as images, layers, and tables inserted in the editing window.
  • Improved to show a list of recently used symbols when inserted symbols.
  • Other errors and performance has been fixed or improved.

System Requriments

To use Namo Author requires the following system specifications such.
OS Windows 7 / 8 / 10
CPU 1.5 GHz or Higher
Memory 2GB or Higher
Display Resolution over 1280 X 1024, Video card that support high color (16bit) of more
Storage Space 1GB or Higher

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