You do not need programming skills and knowledge of the EPUB specification, you can easily create an e-book.
  • Familiar User Interface

    Easily create your own digital publications using the PowerPoint and Word like User Interface. With user-friendly menu area, content creation area, book area, tool bars and structure, creating your book, magazine or any digital document is simple. Moreover, it looks as good as a document created with HTML5,CSS3 or JavaScript.

  • Automated Formation of Complex e-books

    There are certain standards for EPUB3 publications, which you do not need to bother about. Our authoring tool automatically creates your e-book according to the updated EPUB specifications. When you select the style of your publication, it will automatically form a structure from fixed (magazines) or variable (fiction) e-book. Bibliographic information, validation, menu selection, construction documents, cover configuration and editing, everything is done automatically.

  • PDF Transformer

    Just upload your PDF file to namo author and get ready to enjoy your digital publication up and running. With our PDF transformer, it is as easy as click, click and click! You can fetch any existing PDF source material to the editor and convert it to EPUB3 supportive e-book with minimal editing. Quark, InDesign publishing sources in various formats, Word, including Hangul are also PDF formats that you can transfer into an EPUB3 e-book using Namo Author.

  • Full Control Over Content

    Variety of templates available to create EPUB3 ebook, e-magazines, e-novels, reports, brochures and more. Enter new text or import variety of file formats such as EPUB or NEP to easily and quickly create your e-book. You can also insert graphics, formulas, graphs and more to make your publication more interactive.
    With an inbuilt validation feature that conforms every publication meets the EPUB standard, it is easy to publish your e-books in EPUB format

  • Insert Videos

    Add more action and excitement to your publication with videos. Simply upload videos to namo author from your computer, place anywhere in your publication and build an interactive magazine or e-book in fixed or Reflowable Layout for an EPUB3, EPUB2, MOBI, RePub and more formats. You can also customize the video and audio multimedia e-books using the variety of templates available in the tool. It is easy to add effects such as automatic play, repeat play and control lights in your publication by specifying file path in Design tab.

  • Play the Music

    Background music is an effective way to engage viewers. Why not add some music to express different moods of your content. Upload a piece to the tool and add wherever you want for a remarkable reading experience.
    Personalizing your audio files is extremely easy. You can use the different templates or provide the file path in the Design tab to customize a multimedia e-book.

  • Animations

    Let your creativity go beyond the boundaries. With the animation feature, you can play animation or give the objects/images any desired effect to catch instant attention or create a fun look. Using various animation effects expressed in CSS3 and are available in the tool, you can bring life to your content. With namo author, it is easy to decorate the background. You can use separate graphic tools, insert text anywhere, apply gradients, rotate text, fade in/out or bounce the content for engaging, fun effect.

  • Media Overlay

    One of the most promising features of EPUB3 is multimodal reading. Media Overlay synchronizes text and audio in EPUB3 e-books. With this feature, you can create an audiovisual magic without depending on incomprehensible text-to-speech rendering or bothering to embed audiovisuals. Overlays are a specialized kind of XML that has the instructions a reading system uses to synchronize audio and text. It also offers a great tool in publications designed for people with disabilities. You can include audios with highlights to feature a specific character or expression. The SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language), a subset to express overlays, combined with epub:type attribute for semantic information is very useful in children's books, language learning and other educational digital publications.

  • Easy Input of Data

    Make your content more engaging by using different fonts, images, expressions, clipart, shapes and more. Select, drop and drag to insert the desired components into your publications. Mix them with audio for a lively experience. You can add charts to a business report or insert shapes for fun and creative styling. This is definitely a fabulous tool to enhance the quality of your business or educational publications. Edit formulas using MathML or shapes using Canvas tag. Namo author is wonderful way to develop clear, concise and creative textbooks, worksheets and reports.

  • Enhanced Content

    Create a gallery of images in the widgets or display your quiz in multiple formats using QnA. When you have more images and less space in between the content, it is a good idea to create the galleries to offer a plethora of self explanatory and relevant images. As pictures speak louder than words, a gallery can makes your publication more interesting to read and remember.
    Moreover, the question template with JavaScript and form filtration offers multiple question formats such as true-false, short answers, multiple choice questions and completion. You can select a suitable format and edit it by selecting a connection-oriented type and more. You can also include options for displaying notes, comments and scoring in your e-book.

  • Better Connectivity

    Hyperlink or bookmark your content, or insert an email link, a popup window or a popup layer to let the important segments of the content get noticed in a glance. You can give a reference to any statement or instance, or emphasis news that relates with your content by hyperlink in-between text. Popup window and layer are interesting ways to market or advertise certain product.

  • Specialized Publications

    Produce textbooks, exercise books, autobiographies, photo journals, novels, magazines, business books and more with just one tool. Namo author offers fixed and variable layout options to choose your personal publication base. Depending on your vision, you can design your unique EPUB2 and EPUB3 enabled book. You can preview each template or add your own to the list before start writing.

  • Provides Add-Ons for Commercial Use

    Namo Author helps you minimize publishing and distribution cost. It offers multiple features that are required in commercial publications according to standard TAG issues. As the web content is coded in HTML and HTML5, it is necessary to generate the CSS and to ensure that a software supports standard HTML and HTML5 tags. Namo Author does the same. It supports HTML and HTML5 tags and also validate if you have used the right tags or not. Moreover, it also validate EPUB2 and EPUB3, xhtml formats.

  • Support EPUB 2 & 3 international standard formats

    Namo Author fully supports international standard formats for EPUB2 and EPUB3. With multimedia presentations and interactive features carefully integrated to align with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, creating EPUB3 e-books with Namo Author is an amazing experience. In contrast to the professional books produced by APP, which are difficult to maintain, digital publications created with Namo Auhtor are quick, responsive and highly cost effective.

  • Editing Tools for Minimum Costing

    Usually, EPUB3 e-books cost more value to produce them. You have to invest a lot of time and money to ensure the publication is exactly what you have been desiring. The good part of choosing Namo Author is that you can better utilize your money while enjoying a remarkable EPUB3 e-book completely created and edited by you. You can make your own unique copy with all the user-friendly tools available to create and edit content, and indirectly saves your production cost.

  • Global Distribution

    Want to sell your e-book at Google Play or Korea Kyobo Books, Liddy Books, Amazon Kindle, iBookstore or any digital platform, then Namo Author has a solution for you. As it supports international standards for EPUB3, you can sell your copy in the global market without bothering about the platform.

  • Provide Source Editor (F6)

    Want to fine-tune the graphical user interface like an HTML5 or CSS3 pro? You do not need to learn coding to utilize the expertise. Namo Author offers source-editing feature at F6 function key. You can open the source code and edit.

  • Multi-language Support

    Translation of your digital publication is easy to manage with Namo Author. It has in-built features that support multilingual representation, vertical writing, right-to-left and left-to-right writing mode. The Ruby support feature helps you write using different phonetic symbols such as Korean phonetic symbols of Chinese characters.

  • Import CSS file

    If you have already created a CSS file for certain effects and format, you can simply import the external CSS to call the class wherever you want in your publication to maintain the uniformity. The tool supports HTML and HTML5 format, thus helps you save your time in re-writing the same content repeatedly.

  • Automatic table of contents feature

    You need not to specify a list of terms, tables, figures and other attributes individually in a publication. Like MS Word, creating, editing and configuring a table of content with Namo Author is highly effective and time saving. If the information is edited after configuration, the edited information can be automatically reconfigured.

  • Fixed Layout

    Namo Author publications are created according to the fixed layout specifications to support your e-book in EPUB3 fixed layout, MOBI and other compatible layouts for Google Android and Apple iPhones and iPads. You can create multi-lingual and multi-layout publication according to your device (smartphone, tablet or computer), orientation (portrait or landscape) and language. You can distribute your publications on iBookstore, KoBo store and Google Play store.

  • Multimedia Content Import

    Namo Author allows you to import your multimedia content from external sources. If you have already created a source using HTML5 +CSS3 + JaveScript, you don't have to waste time in making it again in Namo Author. Simply import the source and embed in your publication. You can import anything from video gallery to audio player, and can edit them using the various tools.

  • Content Authoring Tools and Templates

    You do not have to be a skilled editor to create your e-book. With multiple import functions and utilizing templates, creating and editing your document is easy, quick and effective. You can import copy content authoring tool to produce e-books from the content available in Notepad or MS Office.
    Similarly, the e-book editor allows beginners to create and edit their publications more conveniently using e-book templates. You can choose from the existing templates or store your own template, which you can use repeatedly.

  • Image Editing

    Namo Author supports easy image editing and wave off the need of a separate image editing tool. Thus, saves time and effort that you otherwise put in creating images and importing them to the document. You can edit an image in the middle of content configuration using the built-in photo editor. With an extensive library of images that represents widgets using JavaScript, editing like an expert is easy. In future, the video widgets, audio widgets and layer widgets will continue to support through a patched version.