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No coding. No multiple review rounds with developers. No compromise on design and layout. Namo Author gives you complete creative freedom to bring your vision to life with easy and interactive tools.

User-Friendly User-Friendly


Publish your content as an EPUB3 eBook for multiple devices, platforms and apps such as Google Android, Play Book, Apple iOS, iBooks, Amazon Kindle and more.

Publish Publish


You may choose to publish your work as a stand-alone link, or embedded it on your website, blog, Facebook Articles and more to expand your readers.

Publish Publish


Arabook Platform makes sharing and managing eBooks easier than ever.

Why Namo Author.


Custom Designs

Create beautiful pixel-perfect designs that perfectly incarnate your unique creative vision.

Coding Free Production

Build rich content embedded with modern designs and graphics without ever writing a code or wondering about cross-browser testing.

Compelling Content

Create unique, stunning HTML5 digital content, eBooks, magazines and apps that are a perfect fit for EPUB3 and stand above the heap of digital content.

Drag & Drop

Easily drag images, text, videos and more to the editor. You need not to learn a command or generate a code.

Responsive Design

Android, Apple iPad, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Play Books and more, your readers use different devices and apps. We ensure you look great on all of them.

Personalized Layout

Start from scratch, or choose from multiple themes available to create interactive content and quickly export it as an EPUB3 ebook for your choice of app or device.

Highly Visual eBook Layout in EPUB3.

Namo Author can help you maintain the look and feel of your graphic rich eBook when exporting it to EPUB format. The EPUB documents created with Namo Author will preserve live text, layouts and rich media to let you enjoy the document in its original design.

User Friendly.

With all the interactive features, hands-on tools and easy-to-learn steps, it is simple to create any e-Publication using Namo Author.

No more static PDFs. Create eBooks that can better engage your audience and more impressively deliver your vision. Incorporate interactive videos and photos to let your readers have an immersive storytelling experience. You can publish high-octane literature eBooks such as novels, essay compilations, poetry and autobiography; digital textbooks using ultra-tech, code-free features.

Digital magazines have never been so easy and fun to create. Build your own interactive, engaging magazine using our typographic expressions combined with a variety of fonts and CSS3 support web fonts, videos, photos and audio.

Start your digital photo collection or create your journal. Select from one of our templates and simply upload your photos, personalize the look and feel, and compile them in one beautiful album. You can use animation, audio and video to enhance the vision.

You only need creative vision and impactful content to publish your own eBook.
Rest we do.

  • From uploading your work to publish it in updated EPUB3 file format for multiple apps and devices, it's easy, quick and hassle free.
  • Whether you are expert at compelling digital content or novice user, Namo Author is as easy as using Power Point.
  • No coding or programming skills needed.
  • It can create robust content without HTML5, CSS or other programming skills.
  • Create everything from EPUB3 eBooks to corporate publicity manuals, language-learning books, albums, travelogues, workbooks and more.


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